Be at the restaurant and feel at home at le Pavillon des Canaux

Be at the restaurant and feel at home at le Pavillon des Canaux

Parisians, if you’re looking for some place to forget this August dull weather, we only have one advice: le Pavillon des Canaux. This place is not only a bar and a restaurant with an amazing decoration, but it’s also the place to meet! You can practise yoga, work in a co-working space dedicated to new technologies, or attend the shootings of Arte shows. A must-see, a must-go, a must-do: we absolutely LOVE it!
restaurant in a house paris canal ourcq

How does it work? It’s very simple, you can choose any room of the house to enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a diner with your friends. Every room has its own decoration and is a small world in itself. Our guided tour:

The Coffice

A coworking space with good coffee, a good wifi connection and something which is quite rare: a wonderful decoration!
working space decor ideas

We fall for:

  • The bright coral colour among the monochrome atmosphere;
  • The pictures scotchtaped on the walls using coloured masking tape. 

working space decor ideas

We fall for:
  • The large raw wooden table keeping a friendly and communal spirit;
  • The large customized armchair and its surprising tints and patterns. 

pavillon des canaux pictures

We fall for:
  • The graphic and coloured lamps;
  • The DIY spirit.

    The dining-room

    lime green and blue dining room

    We fall for:

    • The combination of lime green and “duck blue”;
    • The retro furniture.

    The blue living-room known as “the explorer lounge”

    modern boudoir decoration

    We fall for:
    • The motley mix of items and furniture;
    • The mix of white, blue and gold. 

      blue living room decoration
      birds wallpaper decoration blue ideas

      We fall for:
      • The birdy wallpaper;
      • The fake fur on the seat.

        light blue decoration ideas

        We fall for:
        • The wallpaper just on a small part of the wall;
        • The second-hand and retro furniture.

          The Red Lounge

          vintage living room decoration

          We fall for:
          • The old-fashioned atmosphere which contrasts with the modern fluo color on the wall.

            pavillon des canaux decor paris

            We fall for:
            • The coloured lampshade framework used as ceiling lights (Watch here a DIY tutorial in English);
            • The geometric wallpaper;
            • The combination of colours: red and green

              decoration ideas pink and green ribbons

              We keep in mind:
              • The coloured ribbons holding the shelf;
              • The same ribbons used as curtain loops.

                Ground Floor Restroom

                decoration ideas for restoom and toilets

                We fall for:
                • This punchy green giving a life to the room;
                • The checker board pattern on the floor.

                  We keep in mind:
                  • One section of the wall is kept white not to feel stifled;
                  • The yard lamp used as ceiling lights.


                    geometric wallpaper decoration ideas

                    We fall for:

                    • The geometric wallpaper on the risers;
                    • The pattern repeated at the bottom of the wall and looking like cement tiles. 


                      bathroom decor ideas blue

                      We fall for:

                      • The idea of having a drink in the bathtub;
                      • The bathtub “duck blue” color.

                        The “Duck Blue” Lounge 

                        restaurant decoration

                        We fall for:

                        • The combination of red and “duck blue”; 
                        • The neo-Baroque inspiration.

                        The Pink Room

                        romantic decor ideas bedroom

                        We fall for:

                        • The romantic spirit;
                        • The two-coloured walls: powdered pink and taupe.

                          doll house decoration

                          The Guest Room

                          retro chic decor ideas
                          molding decor ideas

                          We fall for:

                          • These colors ;
                          • The fake mouldings used as wall decoration.


                          kitchen restaurant paris canal
                          old style kitchen

                          We fall for:

                          • The retro decor;
                          • The combination of geometric patterns

                            And besides this amazing decoration, I want to underline the following points: the atmosphere is great, the waiters are perfect, the menu is wonderful and the food memorable. In short… go! >> Le Pavillon des Canaux, 39 quai de Loire, 19°. (M° Stalingrad). Map. Open everyday from 10AM to midnight. Tel: 01 42 57 58 70.


                            10 Small Things to Do at Home This Summer

                            You are in your holiday home or you decided to have ‘staycations’ (‘stay at home + vacations’) this summer? there is no such moment like holidays to make all this decoration handiwork you don’t have time to do during the rest of the year. Here you’ll find 10 ideas to add to your checklist of the summer! Your house will get better looking and you can start the year on the right foot. 

                            1. (Re)Paint a wall, a door or a piece of furniture

                            paint holidays
                            You have been thinking about painting your bedroom walls for months? You keep saying the dining room table needs to be modernised? Stop waiting and start painting! You have all you need: time, good weather (or almost), and you’ll be able to aerate all day long. Summer is a good time for creativity…

                            2.      Hang  your frames, ceiling lights and wall lamps which have been lying around for months

                            fabric framed
                            Bare bulbs, empty walls… Take the time to hang your frames, your wall lamps and change the position of your furniture. You’ll feel like you live in a new home.

                            3.  Let’s fix it! Replace the bulbs, level your leaning shelves

                            toolbox for kids
                            Miss DIY Kit
                            Every morning you wake up with this shelf leaning. It’s been a year now since your wardrobe is jammed? Take 5 minutes to lubricate the wheels, replace the kitchen spotlight and fix all those things which don’t work right. 

                            4.  Find a sewing machine to make cushions, curtains, household linen and more!

                            do-it-yourself cushions
                            You have meters of nice fabric sleeping in the deepest shelf of your house? Find a sewing machine and make cushions or curtains to adorn your sofa or your windows. How to do it yourself? Nothing easier, you can watch this tutorial for cushions or this one for curtains

                            5. Give your furniture a new life

                            change the seat of a chair
                            Tutorial here

                            Sometimes, changing the fabric or repainting some furniture is enough to give it a new life. This old chair for example, became in a few moves a unique designer piece, so stop hesitating!

                            6. Transform or redesign a room

                            transform your ceiling

                            Your attic or your storeroom is abandoned? Take time to reorganize the space better by tidying it. Your attic might become a guest room and you might even want to turn yourcloset into an office.

                            7. Put your things into order and tidy your home

                            wooden boxes ideas
                            You don’t know where to begin? Start with the 5s methods of our Japanese friends:
                            1. SORT: Get rid of what you don’t use anymore and throw what’s useless. Donate what cannot be sold (Emmaus, Popular Assistance…) and sell what’s left (ebay, yard sales…)
                            2. STABILIZE: Tidy and organize your space, use pieces of furniture and tidy tips (see this article full of good ideas).
                            3. SHINE: Take advantage of this time to clean the room entirely
                            4. STANDARDIZE or organize your things by creating an intuitive system: e.g., keep at hand the things you use daily. Put in another room what you don’t use every day and place the rest in height or in your garage…
                            5. SUSTAIN: Keep up with it! Pile up your T-Shirts, keep your hats in your shelf and your socks in the drawer.

                            8. Look for Second-Hand & Garage Sales

                            garage sale
                            Passing by a yard sale? Go and have a look at it. You might find golden opportunity at a bargain. So-called “garage sales” are usually way more interesting in the summer than during the rest of the year.

                            9. Customize old/cheap pieces

                            stylished foldable chair
                            A customized camping chair by Mat & Jewski
                            Once you found some interesting objects, try to customize their look to give them a fresh start.

                            10. Do your major purchases (take advantage of summer sales)

                            Last but not least, take advantage of summer sales and discounts to make your major purchases of decoration before the beginning of the year.

                            summer picture seaside
                            Have a nice summer J

                            Seaside Decor Ideas

                            The sea, white sand, and water lapping at the ship hull… those are images and sensations we would like to have at home all year long. So, if you like this atmosphere, here are some tips and ideas which might help you to add a holiday touch to your interior decoration.

                            Seaside spirit

                            moodboard seaside

                            You wish to create a seaside atmosphere? Use natural colours and materials. Find some shades of blue from navy blue and blue-grey to blue-green. To adorn those blues, you can use tints of beige as well as sand, linen and whites.

                            For the materials, we use sea rush and natural fibres, string, wicker, driftwood or aged wood.
                            Striped patterns might also adorn your décor. However, be careful not to overload your room. 
                            Wallpaper Great Wave and Acquario from Cole & Son (approx. 100€ and 190€ each roll).

                            Seaside Inspiration

                            Fishing Hut bedroom (Source)

                            seaside decor
                            We like:
                            • The aged wood head-board

                            3 DIY options:
                            1. Find some aged wood and  make yourself a head-board
                            2. Buy a ready to use head-board (e.g. here)
                            3. Use a trompe l’oeil by putting wallpaper or floors imitating aged wood (here

                              straw hat decor

                              We fall for:
                              • The yard lamps used as bedside lamps
                              • The straw hat collection becoming decorative items

                                maison de plage
                                We like:
                                • The  blue-grey colours of the shelf matching the head-board;
                                • The wicker basket used as ceiling lamps.

                                  A Ship Cabin Bedroom

                                  boat cabin decor
                                  We like:
                                  • The ultra-simplified style of this bedroom where you really feel like you are in a ship cabin. Once again we can find the aged wood, the straw hat, the stripped patterns and the white colour. 

                                    The Wooden Room

                                    boat wood white decor
                                    To keep in mind:
                                    • The wooden head-board with a high shelf to save place: aesthetic and practical.

                                    Good ideas for a seaside atmosphere

                                    1. Turn a barge into a sofa

                                    boat into a sofa

                                    2. Turn a pallet into a hanging seat

                                    seaside decor ideas

                                    3. Use rope to hang your curtains

                                    ropes curtain hanging

                                    4. Create a room divider using a ship sail

                                    sail clothes room divider

                                    5. Use your old oars to create a head-board

                                    oars decoration

                                    6. Build shelves for shells

                                    bathroom decor ideas
                                    Check here the seaside selection of MYDECOLAB! 

                                    Silent zone: 10 tips to fight the noise

                                    Fed up with all the noise coming from the outside (traffic/neighbors)? Before engaging any costly judicial proceedings, let’s check how we could first improve your home. Our blog collected 10 tips to help you fight the noise.

                                    Home decor, an aesthetic solution!

                                    1. Carpets and rugs

                                    Not only does the carpet decorate, protect and isolate the floor, but it can also soundproof it. Rugs can fulfill the same tasks, although they were first used to hang on walls and to cover couches. They will absorb part of the noises from downstairs and cushion your own furniture. And you will be able to wear high-heels without disturbing your neighbors… You can have a look at our selection of rugs here >>

                                    2. Curtains on windows and doors

                                    A poorly isolated window or shutter roller box will give you some sleepless nights. Besides sealing their joints with silicon, you can first hang thick curtains on them. Curtains on a door will also deaden the noise from one room to another.

                                    3. Furniture

                                    Avoid echoing empty spaces. A massive wardrobe against the wall will be useful in case of loud doorstep neighbors. If you have little room, you can replace furniture by paintings, mirrors, tapestries, etc.

                                    4. The bathroom

                                    You can hear your neighbor’s TV while taking a bath? I definitely can relate! Pipes and bathtubs are among the main sound conductors. Fill the gap under your bathtub with glass wool. As for the pipes and taps, their acoustic performance is always increasing.

                                    5. Look after your balcony

                                    Use your balcony against the street unquietness. No need for a large one, even a small thuja hedge can make the difference. If you do have a green thumb, why not build your own green wall? Check our article on this topic.

                                    6. If (lucky) you have a terrace, a pergola would be another option. You can get one in wrought iron for €150.

                                    Start renovation works

                                    7. Doors

                                    Change doors: soundproof doors rely on a series of layers in different materials (wood, metal). As it is still expensive, it will be most useful in place of your main door.

                                    8. Windows

                                    New generation windows: forget about double glazing, time has come for triple! Well, it’s still a bit expensive… And double glazing will be enough to stop the noise from inside. By the way, make sure it fits your building’s style. If your ceiling is decorated with moldings, you might have to sacrifice them…

                                    9. A fake ceiling

                                    A double ceiling will isolate you from your upper neighbor. The plasterboard that make it up are covered with glass wool. But… the real ceiling has to be high enough, and it still costs some €500 for 10 square meters.

                                    10. Bring calmness around you…

                                    The agitation you feel also stems from your environment. Try to ‘zenify’ your home and put it in order. So you will be less sensitive to the surrounding earsores.

                                    By Lorène Gaudin.

                                    A Brazilian Beach House

                                    Football is not the only reason why you should spend your summer in Brazil, as you can tell by this beach house. Created by designer Sig Bergamin and Murilo Lomas, this summer house located in Trancose has a fresh and unique cosmopolitan look.

                                    Classic vs. Modern – Let’s mix everything!

                                    Like in Art or in Literature, Modern and Classic each have their supporter in Decoration. But unless the other arts, with decoration you can match both of them in one same room. Surprising results guaranteed…

                                    Classic Interior and Modern Decor

                                    ‘Le Mobile’ by Xavier Veilhan, Château de Versailles, motorized painted steel mobile.

                                    Furniture from Moustache, source

                                    The Parisian apartment of Michael Coorengel and Jean-Pierre Calvagrac, source.
                                    A holiday house in New York,
                                    Inson Dubois Wood.

                                    An ancient apartment in Italy.

                                    (Warren Platner Armchairs)
                                    An Haussmannian apartment with ultra-modern decoration, source.
                                    (Embryo Chair)

                                    Modern Interior and Classic Decor

                                    A London loft which mix an industrial-style and ancient furniture

                                    A Parisian loft and its neo-classic decoration, source

                                    Louis XV sofa in a modern interior, source
                                    English cabinet by designer Jaime Belew, source

                                    A softer solution: just bring a touch of modernity to your ancient furniture…


                                    Well, for or against that mix of styles?

                                    10 Inspirational Ideas from Art Basel’s Artists

                                    The international art fair ‘Art Basel’ was in Hong Kong in May. An ecstatic moment for art lovers, but also an occasion to take a fresh look at objects around us. While exploring the fair, we selected 10 creations made with everyday objects, that we could reproduce at home…

                                    1. Cassettes

                                    Gregor Hildebrandt
                                    Romy Schneider portrait, Plastic cassettes in wooden case.

                                    2. Wooden Rulers

                                    Ruler – Ni Youyu
                                    Old-school wooden rulers, create modernity with ancient objects.

                                    3. Brass Frames

                                    Modulor – Nadia Kaabi-Linke
                                    Brass frames on an anthracite grey wall to create an Art Deco effect.

                                    4. Lampshades

                                    Rose-Marie – Andrew Miller
                                    Lampshades piled up around a neon to create an original column.

                                    5. Crates

                                    Caixa series – Sérgio Sister
                                    Well-known by decoration lovers, crates are also exposed in famous art galleries.

                                    6. Neons

                                    Wenhua = Ziben (Culture = Commodity) – Alfredo Jaar
                                    Writing + Light + Message + Color.

                                    7. Wallpaper

                                    Between Red – Sea Hyun Lee
                                    Like a Jouy wall covering, customized with paint.

                                    8. Photographs 

                                    Yee I Lann – Each picture’s caption engages the spectator into the scene.
                                    Remove the decor to focus on the essence.

                                    9. Polaroids

                                    Yellow Sliding – Marco Maggi
                                    A graphic work with colored and chiselled polaroids.

                                    10. Adapters

                                    Adapt Adapter 2 – Chen Sai Hua Kuan
                                    Or how to take a new look at your adapters!

                                    How to create different functional areas in a large room?

                                    This apartment located in Saint-Petersburg was decorated by INT2. A good example for those who want to structure a large room and keep an open space while creating several different functional areas. This Scandinavian-style apartment is just perfect!

                                    The Main Room: Kitchen + Dining Room + Living Room + Office + Piano

                                    Scandinavian Living room ideas
                                    We note:
                                      Spaces delimitation: a wood loggia for the dining room, white bricks and a dark wood bar for the kitchen, a large rug around the sofa.  

                                    1. Kitchen

                                    Opened Kitchen
                                    We love:
                                    • Art on a kitchen wall;
                                    • White bricks that look like tiles;
                                    • Industrial-style lights;
                                    • Stools stored under the bar for a much neater impression.

                                    Scandinavian Kitchen and dining room
                                    We note:
                                      ➨ Different floorings to show different spaces.

                                    2. Dining Room

                                    Wood Dining room
                                    We love:
                                    • wood raw material;
                                    • the rear shelves with beautiful tableware;
                                    • the unpaired chairs. 

                                    3. Living-Room

                                    Scandinavian living room ideas
                                    We love:
                                    • the mix of different geometric patterns;
                                    • the vintage style of the furniture.

                                    Scandinavian and vintage living room
                                    We love:
                                    • the fox (an original touch in this Scandinavian design);
                                    • the decentred canvas and lamp;
                                    • the unpaired furniture;
                                    • the orange touch (lamp + canvas).
                                    graphic wallpaper scandinavian design
                                    We note:
                                      ➨ wallpaper on a single section of the wall;
                                      ➨ the mix of geometric patterns;
                                      ➨ the mix of pastel colors.

                                    entrance and living room and office

                                    4. The Piano

                                    piano design ideas
                                    piano and bookshelves
                                    We note:
                                      ➨ the grey wall to create a distinct space;
                                      ➨ Frames just put on the Piano and decentred.

                                    5. Office

                                    how to create a distinct office space
                                    We note :
                                      ➨ The office is isolated from the rest of the room thanks to bilateral bookshelves, that also bring some additional storage space.
                                    get an office in your living room


                                    black bathtub
                                    We note:
                                      ➨ A short band of colored tiles over a white base.
                                    original and scandinavian bathroom
                                    We love:
                                    • the black matte bathtub;
                                    • the whale poster;
                                    • the ladder;
                                    • the two nude bulbs.
                                    stylish restroom

                                    how to decorate a long bathroom
                                    We note:
                                      ➨ just one section of the wall with blue pattern;
                                      ➨ the yellow desk lamp on the wall.


                                    scandinavian bedroom idea

                                    modern dressing table
                                    We love:
                                    • blue and orange colors together, a great match of 2 complementary colors;
                                    • the mirror hanged with leather belts;
                                    • the two-colored wall (and the fuzzy delimitation).

                                    Laundry room

                                    geometric flooring

                                    We love:

                                    • the geometric pattern on the floor;
                                    • the mix wood, white and natural fibers.

                                    A Living Wall

                                    From Paris to Singapore through Palm Beach, a quick tour of the most beautiful living walls around the world.

                                    We could be in a jungle, @Pershing Hall, Paris

                                    @Sevva, Hong Kong

                                    East Conservatory, Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania, US

                                    Artistic living wall on one of Saks’ wall in Palm Beach

                                    @Athenaeum Hotel in London, Made by living wall superstar, Patrick Blanc

                                    Singapore’s Supertrees, and the restaurant of the same name at the top of one of these big trees.

                                    Private Apartment in Paris

                                    Tropical Bathroom

                                    You would like to have one of these living walls at home? There are a lot of different solutions: you can make it yourself, order living wall kits, hire a specialist or even buy a stabilized plant frame (which need no water or light).
                                    Or you could just opt for the junglewallpaper!

                                    Pots and Plants for an Interior Garden

                                    With spring coming we would like to see more nature and greenery in our homes… Here is an original selection of plants and pots that you can buy or do yourself.
                                    My favorite : The Click & Grow smart pot that will grow mini tomatoes and strawberries by itself.
                                    No need to have a green thumb or to water plants anymore!
                                    A short demonstration video 
                                    here and for the shopping, it’s on our website of course!
                                    Herb Stand Normann Copenaghen:
                                    Another smart and handy pot that you can buy here (and here for the video)
                                    A clever creation: the Corsica Flower Bridge Table from Elho label,
                                    perfect for small terraces or balconies. You can find it 

                                    Say farewell to traditional pots and welcome Bacsac bags! Available in many bright colors,
                                    they can be used outdoors or indoors. You’ll find them 
                                    A cardboard pot for your flowers really? It could have been a bad idea but you’ll surprise
                                    your friends and family with this ceramic version by Marie Michielssen, available at 
                                    For more glamourous and elegant plants, 
                                    you can chose the hexagonal brass pot from Ferm Living here.
                                    If you already have plants but you don’t have nice pots, here are some tips to transform them quickly and at a bargain.

                                    With Leather

                                    Just cover your pots with leather, it is very simple to do (see tutorial here) and so chic!

                                    With Jute Fabric

                                    Just use vintage jute bags to cover big pots. You can find plenty of them on Ebay
                                    and your plants will feel very cozy in them.

                                    With Paint or Paper

                                    Another easy idea: paint your pots or write on them! 
                                    You can use paint, wallpaper or stickers to transform them.
                                    ‘I Will Survive’ Pot can be found here.