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Be at the restaurant and feel at home at le Pavillon des Canaux

Parisians, if you’re looking for some place to forget this August dull weather, we only have one advice: le Pavillon des Canaux. This place is not only a bar and a restaurant with an amazing decoration, but it’s also the place to meet! You can practise yoga, work in a co-working space dedicated to new technologies, or attend the shootings of Arte shows. A must-see, a must-go, a must-do: we absolutely LOVE it!
restaurant in a house paris canal ourcq

How does it work? It’s very simple, you can choose any room of the house to enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a diner with your friends. Every room has its own decoration and is a small world in itself. Our guided tour:

The Coffice

A coworking space with good coffee, a good wifi connection and something which is quite rare: a wonderful decoration!
working space decor ideas

We fall for:

  • The bright coral colour among the monochrome atmosphere;
  • The pictures scotchtaped on the walls using coloured masking tape. 

working space decor ideas

We fall for:
  • The large raw wooden table keeping a friendly and communal spirit;
  • The large customized armchair and its surprising tints and patterns. 

pavillon des canaux pictures

We fall for:
  • The graphic and coloured lamps;
  • The DIY spirit.

    The dining-room

    lime green and blue dining room

    We fall for:

    • The combination of lime green and “duck blue”;
    • The retro furniture.

    The blue living-room known as “the explorer lounge”

    modern boudoir decoration

    We fall for:
    • The motley mix of items and furniture;
    • The mix of white, blue and gold. 

      blue living room decoration
      birds wallpaper decoration blue ideas

      We fall for:
      • The birdy wallpaper;
      • The fake fur on the seat.

        light blue decoration ideas

        We fall for:
        • The wallpaper just on a small part of the wall;
        • The second-hand and retro furniture.

          The Red Lounge

          vintage living room decoration

          We fall for:
          • The old-fashioned atmosphere which contrasts with the modern fluo color on the wall.

            pavillon des canaux decor paris

            We fall for:
            • The coloured lampshade framework used as ceiling lights (Watch here a DIY tutorial in English);
            • The geometric wallpaper;
            • The combination of colours: red and green

              decoration ideas pink and green ribbons

              We keep in mind:
              • The coloured ribbons holding the shelf;
              • The same ribbons used as curtain loops.

                Ground Floor Restroom

                decoration ideas for restoom and toilets

                We fall for:
                • This punchy green giving a life to the room;
                • The checker board pattern on the floor.

                  We keep in mind:
                  • One section of the wall is kept white not to feel stifled;
                  • The yard lamp used as ceiling lights.


                    geometric wallpaper decoration ideas

                    We fall for:

                    • The geometric wallpaper on the risers;
                    • The pattern repeated at the bottom of the wall and looking like cement tiles. 


                      bathroom decor ideas blue

                      We fall for:

                      • The idea of having a drink in the bathtub;
                      • The bathtub “duck blue” color.

                        The “Duck Blue” Lounge 

                        restaurant decoration

                        We fall for:

                        • The combination of red and “duck blue”; 
                        • The neo-Baroque inspiration.

                        The Pink Room

                        romantic decor ideas bedroom

                        We fall for:

                        • The romantic spirit;
                        • The two-coloured walls: powdered pink and taupe.

                          doll house decoration

                          The Guest Room

                          retro chic decor ideas
                          molding decor ideas

                          We fall for:

                          • These colors ;
                          • The fake mouldings used as wall decoration.


                          kitchen restaurant paris canal
                          old style kitchen

                          We fall for:

                          • The retro decor;
                          • The combination of geometric patterns

                            And besides this amazing decoration, I want to underline the following points: the atmosphere is great, the waiters are perfect, the menu is wonderful and the food memorable. In short… go! >> Le Pavillon des Canaux, 39 quai de Loire, 19°. (M° Stalingrad). Map. Open everyday from 10AM to midnight. Tel: 01 42 57 58 70.


                            Classic vs. Modern – Let’s mix everything!

                            Like in Art or in Literature, Modern and Classic each have their supporter in Decoration. But unless the other arts, with decoration you can match both of them in one same room. Surprising results guaranteed…

                            Classic Interior and Modern Decor

                            ‘Le Mobile’ by Xavier Veilhan, Château de Versailles, motorized painted steel mobile.

                            Furniture from Moustache, source

                            The Parisian apartment of Michael Coorengel and Jean-Pierre Calvagrac, source.
                            A holiday house in New York,
                            Inson Dubois Wood.

                            An ancient apartment in Italy.

                            (Warren Platner Armchairs)
                            An Haussmannian apartment with ultra-modern decoration, source.
                            (Embryo Chair)

                            Modern Interior and Classic Decor

                            A London loft which mix an industrial-style and ancient furniture

                            A Parisian loft and its neo-classic decoration, source

                            Louis XV sofa in a modern interior, source
                            English cabinet by designer Jaime Belew, source

                            A softer solution: just bring a touch of modernity to your ancient furniture…


                            Well, for or against that mix of styles?

                            Decors and colors in Wes Anderson’s movies

                            With his last movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson not only confirms that he’s a brilliant director but also reveals that he could have been a great interior designer! Colors, furniture, lights, disposition, all reveals that décor is important for esthetic reasons but also has a meaning of its own.

                            Explosive colors

                            Red and Purple

                            Mixing bright red and purple is a bold choice, yet it is the main color theme of the Grand Budapest hotel. From the elevator walls to the lobby rugs through staff uniforms, red and purple are the sign that you belong to this special hotel. The two main characters are indeed proudly wearing these colors, even outside of the hotel.
                            Not really well-known for being the best match, these two colors have first been associated by Yves Saint-Laurent, inspired by the mix and match of colors in Morocco. Maybe India (let’s remember Darjeeling Limited) was Wes Anderson’s inspiration for this masterful association of colors.

                            (with a touch of orange, like Yves Saint-Laurent in his time)

                            Orange and Green

                            Orange and green are two colors which echo themselves quite brutally as well. He uses these two colors, which were very fashionable during the Sixties, to show that time has changed. But the dull tones used (also in contrast with the bright red and purple of the 30’s) let show that the hotel is not what it used to be anymore.

                            Light pink, blue and green

                            These colors are often associated with a female world; linked to the young baker in the Grand Budapest Hotel, similar colors are present in the bathroom of Tenenbaums’ daughter in the Royal Tenenbaums.

                            Complementary colors

                            Wes Anderson uses a lot of other bright colors, and plays with strong and explosive combinations. He often associates so-called ‘complementary colors’, well-known among artists and physicists for their capacity to enhance one another.

                            Yellow and Blue

                            Yellow and Purple

                            Pink and Green

                            The way Wes Anderson uses colors is not only visually strong but it also gives a fresh look to interiorsthat are either too classical or a bit old-fashioned.


                            Like all good interior designer, Wes Anderson knows how to use light and lights to create a specific atmosphere.

                            A perfect symetry

                            Wes Anderson’s shots are often perfectly symmetrical, as this video demonstrates.
                            Symmetry reinforce the beauty of a scene while giving an impression of order and completeness.

                            Characters and Decors

                            Last but not least, if colors and decors are that thoroughly chosen by the director, it’s because they do not only serve an esthetic goal, they also reflect the characters who live in them and thus serve to introduce these characters and to understand them better. In the Royal Tenenbaums, characters are introduced through their bedrooms. In the Grand Budapest Hotel, the main character keeps wearing the old colors of the hotel even though the décor has changed, to signify that he, hasn’t changed.

                            (zebra wallpaper available at Salamandre)

                            Lessons to be learned? Don’t be afraid to DARE vivid colors and to furnish your home as YOU wish, remember, your home reveals a bit of who you are! J

                            The 5 most Beautiful Private Clubs of Hong Kong

                            “There’ll be nothing but beauty, wealth, pleasure,
                            With all things in order and measure.”
                            Charles Baudelaire, l’invitation au voyage, (in Les Fleurs du mal)

                            Kee Club

                            Kee Club could be the exact embodiment of Charles Baudelaire’s poem from which the lines above are extracted. This club is indeed a real ‘Invitation to the Voyage’: a classical European residence with African sculptures and pieces of arts from the greatest (Pablo Picasso and Anthony Quinn to name but a few), richly decorated with precious colors and Bauhaus designed 1940’s furnishings.
                            Most beautiful interiors

                            Exquisite interior

                            Beautiful interior

                            beautiful dining room

                            Beautiful club armchairs

                            Art Déco style
                            Photo Credit: Kee Club 

                            China Club

                            China Club will make you travel at the heart of 1930’s Shanghai. Each room astonishes and enchants: the lime green staircase and its Chinese artists gallery, the art deco restaurant and its Roaring Twenties singer accompanied by a grand piano, the “Long March Bar” and its trinkets from another time, the library and its thousands of books devoted to Chinese art and culture, the terrace and its breathtaking view on the illuminated skyscrapers…
                            China Club Hong Kong

                            China Club staircase Hong Kong

                            Shanghai 30's style

                            China Club Hong Kong

                            China Club Bar Hong Kong

                            beautiful library

                            China Club rooftop Hong Kong

                            Red Chamber Cigar Divan

                            Although it is not strictly speaking a private club, the Red Chamber Cigar Divan deserves to appear in this selection. This chamber will delight cigar and brandy lovers: large Club armchairs, a refined decoration at the crossroad of Asia and Western influences, and a selection of the finest cigars and liquors.
                            Beautiful smoking room

                            Hong Kong Royal Yacht Club

                            Originally situated on an island in the middle of Victoria Bay, the Yacht Club has been progressively reattached to the coast but is still floating on the sea. The commanding view of the Bay and the Titanic-like decoration give the impression to board a prestigious cruising ship. An anchorage which brings together sailing and sea lovers from all over the globe.

                            Yacht Club Bar
                            Photo Credit: Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club


                            The Foreign Correspondents’ Club is not reserved to the sole reporters and journalists anymore but it is still bustling with effervescence and the press photos covering the walls recall some of the most memorable moments of the recent past. A place steeped in history which remains full of energy.

                            Photo Credit: FCC

                            • Kee Club, 32 Wellington St, Central, (+852) 2810 9000.
                            • China Club, 12/F, The Old Bank of China Building, Bank Street, Central, (+852) 2521 8888.
                            • Red Chamber Cigar Divan, Shop 405-406A, Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central, (+852) 2165 6630.
                            • Yacht Club, Kellett Island, Causeway Bay, (+852) 2832 2817.
                            • FCC, 2 Lower Albert Rd, Central, (+852) 2521 1511.

                            A Bright Zoo

                            From hunting trophy made of paper to Chinese lanterns through artistic nightlights, who said that animal lamps were only for children?
                            Paper Lanterns Petit Pan, between 45 and 100 euros.

                            Rabbit Lamp by Moooi, 404 € at Made in design.
                            Paper Lamps by Zoolight, starting at 65 € at Pop Line.
                            A kitsch Bambi Lamp by Pakhuis Oost, 43 € at Bubblemag.
                            Rabbit and Jelly Teddy Bear by Egmont Toys, starting at 48 € at Pop Line.

                            Paper lamps by artist Frank Gehry, currently presented in Gagosian Gallery in Hong Kong.

                            Home Decor Shopping in Bali

                            If you’re going to Bali soon, don’t forget to stop in Seminyak for some shopping! You can find all kinds of home décor and furniture at a bargain price, and you can ship everything everywhere in the world.

                            Before moving to practical details, let’s see some examples of what you can find in Bali.

                            Home Decor & Lightings in Bali

                            Axioo* shop

                            A photographic calendar @axioo 
                            Magnetic frames

                            You can change the pics anytime

                            Bar stools covered with printed fabrics at Hobo*
                            Ligthings in fabric, wood and wicker at Purnama*

                            A lamp I bought for a little more than 10USD
                            Wicker baskets and bathroom accessories at Dini Art Store* and lightings and home decor items at Sands Bali*.

                            Furniture in Bali

                            A crush on Bagatelle* shop and its rattan chairs

                            Original creations of Bagatelle
                            You’ll find absolutely everything at Warisan* but the prices are a bit higher.

                            Balinese and colonial style furniture can be bought at Kenny Furniture* and Christy furniture*.

                            Traditional Balinese door

                            For more classic furniture you can go to Valore*, they have modern indoor and outdoor furniture.


                            Glass creations of Focus Design*.

                            Sold with the wooden base for about 50USD

                            Gigantic stainless steel sculptures of Chenergy* gallery.

                            Another sculpture made by Chen 

                            Practical details & Delivery

                            Where to go?

                            If you don’t have much time, just go to Kerokoban Street (Jalan Kerokoban) which stretches from Seminyak to Kuta. It’s 5 min away from the center of Seminyak (30.000 Rp), 10 minutes from the center of Kuta, and 20 minutes from the airport. But you’ll find home décor shops all over the place in Bali ! You can also customize and personalize your furniture for a very reasonable price.

                            Shipping furniture from Bali

                            Furniture can be shipped everywhere in the world. I asked in 2 shops and it’s around USD200 to ship 1 cubic meter to Paris and the same price for 2 cubic meters to New York, whatever the weight of your container. Don’t forget to ask about applicable taxes and/or VAT in your home country.

                            If you buy from several different shops you can hire an export agent (such as Lys Trading, Bali Export Asia ou Permata International Cargo). They’ll collect everything from the different shops and will send it for you.

                            Good to Know…

                            Balinese woods are used to humidity. When you ship them to a drier country, the wood might crack if it hasn’t been properly dried or if it’s of a poor quality. Better spend a few dollars more to avoid that kind of bad surprises.

                            When you buy brand new furniture, check the Forest Stewardship Council label to make sure it promotes a responsible management of forests.

                            And don’t forget to bargain!

                            More Home Decor in Indonesia…

                            Home Décor addicts : go to Java Island ! Furniture and delivery are cheaper than in Bali and it’s a real paradise for Home Décor and furniture. Java is also a very interesting destination for tourism : less tourists but a lot to see !


                            • Axioo, Jl. Raya Kerokoban Br. Taman, Seminyak (+62 878 6280 1950)
                            • Bagatelle, Jl.Kunti No. 4C Seminyak Bali 80361,
                            • Chenergy, Jl. Raya Kerokoban Br. Taman, Kuta, Bali (+62 361 721 638)
                            • Christy Furniture & Art Gallery, Jl. Raya Kerokoban Br. Taman No.98, Kuta (+62 361 735 502)
                            • Dini Art Shop, Jl. Raya Kerokoban Br. Taman No. 93 (+62 361 734 995)
                            • Focus Design, Jl. Raya Kerokoban Kelod Br. Tama No.1, Kuta (+62 361 847 6154)
                            • Hobo Store, Jl. Raya Kerokoban Br. Taman No. 105, Seminyak (+62 361 733 369) + Denpasar : Jl Muding Indah 13/3
                            • Kenny Furniture & Antique, Jl. Raya Kerokoban Br. TamanNo. 96, Kuta (+62 361 730 636)
                            • Purnama, Jl. Raya Kerokoban Br. Taman, Kuta (+62 081 999 011 941) + Denpasar : Jl. Iman Bonjol Gg 100
                            • Valore, Jl. Raya Kerokoban Br. Taman No. 86a, Kuta, (+62 361 742 3505)

                            If you have any recommendation, please post your tips in the comments section below or send us an email (with pictures) so that we can update this article.

                            Enjoy your Holidays ! 🙂

                            A Dynamic Sculpture

                            Entering Dider Legros’ world is a unique experience! You can spend hours staring at his dynamic sculptures, trying to understand the very complex mechanism of his amazing artworks.

                            Here is a video of his work ‘Reflect’, which really grabbed my attention. It is the perfect combination between art, technique and design!