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Seaside Decor Ideas

The sea, white sand, and water lapping at the ship hull… those are images and sensations we would like to have at home all year long. So, if you like this atmosphere, here are some tips and ideas which might help you to add a holiday touch to your interior decoration.

Seaside spirit

moodboard seaside

You wish to create a seaside atmosphere? Use natural colours and materials. Find some shades of blue from navy blue and blue-grey to blue-green. To adorn those blues, you can use tints of beige as well as sand, linen and whites.

For the materials, we use sea rush and natural fibres, string, wicker, driftwood or aged wood.
Striped patterns might also adorn your décor. However, be careful not to overload your room. 
Wallpaper Great Wave and Acquario from Cole & Son (approx. 100€ and 190€ each roll).

Seaside Inspiration

Fishing Hut bedroom (Source)

seaside decor
We like:
  • The aged wood head-board

3 DIY options:
  1. Find some aged wood and  make yourself a head-board
  2. Buy a ready to use head-board (e.g. here)
  3. Use a trompe l’oeil by putting wallpaper or floors imitating aged wood (here

    straw hat decor

    We fall for:
    • The yard lamps used as bedside lamps
    • The straw hat collection becoming decorative items

      maison de plage
      We like:
      • The  blue-grey colours of the shelf matching the head-board;
      • The wicker basket used as ceiling lamps.

        A Ship Cabin Bedroom

        boat cabin decor
        We like:
        • The ultra-simplified style of this bedroom where you really feel like you are in a ship cabin. Once again we can find the aged wood, the straw hat, the stripped patterns and the white colour. 

          The Wooden Room

          boat wood white decor
          To keep in mind:
          • The wooden head-board with a high shelf to save place: aesthetic and practical.

          Good ideas for a seaside atmosphere

          1. Turn a barge into a sofa

          boat into a sofa

          2. Turn a pallet into a hanging seat

          seaside decor ideas

          3. Use rope to hang your curtains

          ropes curtain hanging

          4. Create a room divider using a ship sail

          sail clothes room divider

          5. Use your old oars to create a head-board

          oars decoration

          6. Build shelves for shells

          bathroom decor ideas
          Check here the seaside selection of MYDECOLAB! 

          Pots and Plants for an Interior Garden

          With spring coming we would like to see more nature and greenery in our homes… Here is an original selection of plants and pots that you can buy or do yourself.
          My favorite : The Click & Grow smart pot that will grow mini tomatoes and strawberries by itself.
          No need to have a green thumb or to water plants anymore!
          A short demonstration video 
          here and for the shopping, it’s on our website of course!
          Herb Stand Normann Copenaghen:
          Another smart and handy pot that you can buy here (and here for the video)
          A clever creation: the Corsica Flower Bridge Table from Elho label,
          perfect for small terraces or balconies. You can find it 

          Say farewell to traditional pots and welcome Bacsac bags! Available in many bright colors,
          they can be used outdoors or indoors. You’ll find them 
          A cardboard pot for your flowers really? It could have been a bad idea but you’ll surprise
          your friends and family with this ceramic version by Marie Michielssen, available at 
          For more glamourous and elegant plants, 
          you can chose the hexagonal brass pot from Ferm Living here.
          If you already have plants but you don’t have nice pots, here are some tips to transform them quickly and at a bargain.

          With Leather

          Just cover your pots with leather, it is very simple to do (see tutorial here) and so chic!

          With Jute Fabric

          Just use vintage jute bags to cover big pots. You can find plenty of them on Ebay
          and your plants will feel very cozy in them.

          With Paint or Paper

          Another easy idea: paint your pots or write on them! 
          You can use paint, wallpaper or stickers to transform them.
          ‘I Will Survive’ Pot can be found here.  

          The 5 most Beautiful Private Clubs of Hong Kong

          “There’ll be nothing but beauty, wealth, pleasure,
          With all things in order and measure.”
          Charles Baudelaire, l’invitation au voyage, (in Les Fleurs du mal)

          Kee Club

          Kee Club could be the exact embodiment of Charles Baudelaire’s poem from which the lines above are extracted. This club is indeed a real ‘Invitation to the Voyage’: a classical European residence with African sculptures and pieces of arts from the greatest (Pablo Picasso and Anthony Quinn to name but a few), richly decorated with precious colors and Bauhaus designed 1940’s furnishings.
          Most beautiful interiors

          Exquisite interior

          Beautiful interior

          beautiful dining room

          Beautiful club armchairs

          Art Déco style
          Photo Credit: Kee Club 

          China Club

          China Club will make you travel at the heart of 1930’s Shanghai. Each room astonishes and enchants: the lime green staircase and its Chinese artists gallery, the art deco restaurant and its Roaring Twenties singer accompanied by a grand piano, the “Long March Bar” and its trinkets from another time, the library and its thousands of books devoted to Chinese art and culture, the terrace and its breathtaking view on the illuminated skyscrapers…
          China Club Hong Kong

          China Club staircase Hong Kong

          Shanghai 30's style

          China Club Hong Kong

          China Club Bar Hong Kong

          beautiful library

          China Club rooftop Hong Kong

          Red Chamber Cigar Divan

          Although it is not strictly speaking a private club, the Red Chamber Cigar Divan deserves to appear in this selection. This chamber will delight cigar and brandy lovers: large Club armchairs, a refined decoration at the crossroad of Asia and Western influences, and a selection of the finest cigars and liquors.
          Beautiful smoking room

          Hong Kong Royal Yacht Club

          Originally situated on an island in the middle of Victoria Bay, the Yacht Club has been progressively reattached to the coast but is still floating on the sea. The commanding view of the Bay and the Titanic-like decoration give the impression to board a prestigious cruising ship. An anchorage which brings together sailing and sea lovers from all over the globe.

          Yacht Club Bar
          Photo Credit: Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club


          The Foreign Correspondents’ Club is not reserved to the sole reporters and journalists anymore but it is still bustling with effervescence and the press photos covering the walls recall some of the most memorable moments of the recent past. A place steeped in history which remains full of energy.

          Photo Credit: FCC

          • Kee Club, 32 Wellington St, Central, (+852) 2810 9000.
          • China Club, 12/F, The Old Bank of China Building, Bank Street, Central, (+852) 2521 8888.
          • Red Chamber Cigar Divan, Shop 405-406A, Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central, (+852) 2165 6630.
          • Yacht Club, Kellett Island, Causeway Bay, (+852) 2832 2817.
          • FCC, 2 Lower Albert Rd, Central, (+852) 2521 1511.