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A Brazilian Beach House

Football is not the only reason why you should spend your summer in Brazil, as you can tell by this beach house. Created by designer Sig Bergamin and Murilo Lomas, this summer house located in Trancose has a fresh and unique cosmopolitan look.

Inside… Víctor Goikoetxea’s universe

Trained as a painter, Victor Goikoetxea has specialized in the art of trompe l’oeil. He invited us to visit his duplex and gallery both located in Hernani, Basque village on the French border. Discover a world where art and decoration coexist…
Industrial style wall with a rusty effect, made in trompe l’oeil for a private customer

His House

A living playing with the total white. We especially recognize the Barcelona Ottoman from the Bauhaus designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1929).

Works of art make the décor. Here the miniature sculpture of Continuum by Gotzon Huegun which large format version is displayed on the Plaza Zinkoenea in Hernani.

The stairs leading down to the bedroom with its paintings and engravings.

The bedroom, separated from the bathroom by a wall of glass bricks and white everywhere to create unity.

The “stage door” or dedications and drawings of the many friends and colleagues of Victor.

His Works and Workshop

The polyptych representing the city of Barcelona on which Victor was working at the time of our visit, a realism to be mistaken.

Part exposure of his studio and a model of one of its projects.

A graphical screen between surrealism and geometrism

Sea made ​​for San Sebastian aquarium

To learn more about Victor and his work, you can visit his website:

Inside… Sacha Walckhoff’s apartment

Sacha Walckhoff’s apartment is undeniably one of a kind! Mixing artfully the Arabian Nights’ décor with a very pure Scandinavian design, the creative director of Christian Lacroix has managed to mix and match different styles beautifully. A quick guided tour:

Living Room

We love:
  • The painting inside the chimney;
  • The eclectic style and the feeling you’re in a (chic) bazar;
  • The big blue fan at the end of the room (by Maarten Baas).


Curiosity Cabinet style

We love:
  • The big Zebra;
  • The pyramid of books and magazine framing the entrance;
  • The eclectic style (again), in-between a design store and a curiosity cabinet.

The office

Office and art
Photo: Eric Morin
We love:
  • The big sculpture;
  • The black and white theme (with a touch of red);
  • The lines and curves.

We love:
  • The geometric pattern on the floor;
  • The pieces of art facing one another.


grey and orange bathroom
We love:
  • The grey background with orange details;
  • The chair;
  • The engraving of course!


a wall of frames
We love:
  • The eclectic style (still);
  • The shades of brown;
  • Art and photography.